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Five Star Outfitters, Guides, & Lodges

We have not been to every destination, and we have not been guided by every guide (yet). However, as you know, The Fly Fishing Guide Directory has done extensive research and vetting, and we have identified outfitters, guides, and lodges that deserve the highest recognition and recommendations.

There is a range of quality in outfitters, lodges, and guides, and we seek to offer appropriate praise to those who standout in every aspect of their business, whether it's expertise, quality of gear, effort of the guide, food, comfort of the lodge, and other areas of what makes an excellent experience.

When The Fly Fishing Guide Directory finds that a business exemplifies excellence in all aspects, we recognize that business as a Five Star Outfitter. As our highest award, this is a badge of honor for these fly fishing businesses, and it's a recommendation we are happy to pass along to anglers.

One important aspect of the Five Star recognition that we are especially proud of is that unlike many companies' recommendations, we are not at all influenced in our Five Star program by any business relationships. We are not biased or swayed by any favors, fees, or mutually beneficial agreements or requirements placed on those who are considered Five Star. Five Star Outfitters do not pay to receive this recognition. This is as honest as it gets, and that is yet another service we offer anglers.

Not all guides are equal. Look for The Fly Fishing Guide Directory's Five Star Outfitter sticker on guide vehicles, shop windows, and outfitter websites and know they have received our thumbs up.